Sandy Lyons

Sandy Lyons


Contact information: (248) 219-3082 |

Coaching Specialty: Skating Skills (formerly Moves in the Field), Freestyle,
Choreography, High School Varsity Skating Preparation, and Adults Skaters.


Coaching since 2002, this former Adult National Competitor has active
ratings from the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) in Group Lessons,
Skating Skills (formerly Moves in the Field) & Freestyle as well as a PSA ranking. She also holds a master’s degree from Walsh College, works as a marketing/business professor, and is a published author.

Coaching Philosophy
“I work hard to make skating fun for my younger skaters and hope to pass on my love of skating. For my older students, I focus on the importance of being a student-athlete and emphasize pathways to high school varsity skating to enhance college applications. As both a skating professional and college professor I’m happy to write college recommendation letters for all my graduating seniors. For my post-high school students, I concentrate on skating as a lifelong pursuit for I believe it is the most challenging, rewarding, and beautiful sport in the world.”