Isadora Alvelo-Malina

Isadora Alvelo-Malina

Juvenile Girls

How old were you when you started skating?

What do you love most about skating?
I love jumping and landing new jumps.

What is a challenge you have with skating?
I am working on skating consistently even when I am nervous.

Who inspires you and why?
Nathan Chen, because he is an Olympic champion and is very smart, attending a good college.

Favorite skating element
Double axel

Favorite Book
Percy Jackson & the Olympians series

Favorite Holiday

Do you have a ritual or routine you do before or after you compete? If so, what is it?
I do an off ice warm-up. I also bring a squishmallow plush and my lucky bunnies.

Favorite Season

What advice would you give a younger skater that has dreams of skating and competing like you are?
Skate for yourself and always have fun.