Mia Smith

Mia Smith

Juvenile Girls

How old were you when you started skating?

What do you love most about skating?
The feeling when you land a jump.

What is a challenge you have with skating?

Who inspires you and why?
Kaori Sakamoto, because she always looks like she's having fun while skating..

Favorite skating element
Double flip

Favorite Book
Any book that has an interesting story.

Favorite Holiday
All holidays are great!

Do you have a ritual or routine you do before or after you compete? If so, what is it?
I've my coach hold my good luck charms..

Favorite Season
Spring, because that's when I've my birthday.

What advice would you give a younger skater that has dreams of skating and competing like you are?
When you have a bad day it doesn't mean you're a bad skater; think of it as a way to get mentally stronger.